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Plumbing repair in Orange County, CA has never been easier, faster, and more reliable. Rasco Plumbing & Rooter has one of the most experienced local plumbers in the region with over 14 years’ experience in the industry. I have worked with all kinds of plumbing repairs including:

• Leaking Pipes
• Dripping Faucets
• Gas Leaks
• Toilet Repairs

One of the signs of leaking pipes is the smell of mold and the dripping sound water makes. If you suspect a leak, turn the water supply off and schedule me for an appointment. I will diagnose the problem and recommend either replacing the pipes if they are totally damaged, or if they are salvageable I will repair them. I also have experience with installing valves that automatically shut-off, which has proved preventive of some types of leaks.

If your toilet is making a bubbling sound, this is a sign that the toilet has an air space somewhere, which needs to be removed. My advice to my clients is to immediately stop using your bathroom and summon me. Chances are all that needs to be done is the removal of air, as this is one of the most common issues affecting most of my clients.

Gas leaks are the most dangerous type of leak I repair. I properly install detectors in several places around my clients’ properties to safeguard my clients from hazardous occurrences. Gas has a very distinctive strong smell and as soon as a client notices a strange odor, I recommend that they shut off their gas line and do not turn on any electrical appliance that might trigger any fire. Also, the client should get to a safe distance away from the property and contact me to inspect and correct whatever the issue may be.

For a local plumber who specializes in leak detection, toilet repair, plumbing repair, leaky pipe replacement, and a wide range of other leak-related issues, I am the one you can turn to.

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