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Rasco Plumbing & Rooter offers plumbing repair services in Orange County, CA, including repairing faulty and leaking faucets. Leaky faucets and pipes are known to waste water, stain stinks with the rust involved, and even create mold. I will repair these by either replacing, if irreparable, or repairing the issue. Overall, I will help your property cut down on water bills and can reduce the noise that faulty faucets and pipes make. In the case of mold, I will remove the mold, repair, and make sure it does not return.

I also offer water heater services. These include water heater installations and repairs, both tank-less and with tanks. Sediments usually accumulate in water tanks over time because of the chemical processes during water heating. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to schedule heater check-ups from time to time. This will prevent you from water heating crises and even save you power through efficient water heating. I will also ensure that the tanks and pipes are rust free to prevent damage to the floors and walls of your property.

I always advise homeowners to schedule sewer line checks as often as possible. Sewer lines are notorious for having blockages because of roots finding their way into the drains. Having 14 + years of experience in plumbing, I will diagnose the issues and recommend a long-lasting solution. I use specialized equipment to correct these issues, and the result is smooth flowing sewage and a fresh smelling property. Contact Rasco Plumbing & Rooter for the most professional plumbing services in Orange County, CA.

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